daily gospel reflections

Ordinary time Year B-2021
Christmas season Year B-2021
Saturday 09/01/2021 Christmas season

In the Gospel, note first that Jesus took time off to pray, to spend time with his Father. Prayer is also where we need to begin. Although Mark is never complementary about the disciples, by telling us that they failed to understand he allows us to identify more closely with them. It also poses the question of what Mark would have written about us??

Friday 08/01/2021 Christmas season

When God leads us through our traumas and challenges, know that we are filled with blessings to be offered and shared with others. God helps us so that we, in turn, can help others, spelled out in love of our neighbour, and we have an abundance of blessings to share.

Thursday 07/01/2021 Christmas season

Read the passage again and focus on a word or a phrase and mull it over, repeating it to yourself a few times. You can do this once, twice, three times a day. You will be surprised at how God will speak to you through the day in different ways. Do this and it will change your life and the way you see your current situation and the situation around you. Since Repentance is about changing the way you live and act, this form of simple retreat is an act of repentance. Happy reflecting or should I say happy repenting!!

Epiphany of the Lord 06/01/2021

We are able to come and celebrate the eucharist together, to celebrate Christ, the light who gives himself to us so that we can and must be a light for those around us. We are people of hope, we are Christmas people, we are the Magi of today shining Christ’s light in the world, in the darkness and in the lockdown.

Tuesday 05/01/2021 Christmas season

John, in his letter, spells out in no uncertain terms the importance of love. John speaks about this love as the ability to remain open to others as well as ourselves. Love expresses a positiveness about life and an optimism that continually searches for the good, the beautiful, the benefits of every encounter and experience. John then says that doing the opposite would be negative and pessimistic. Rejecting and hating people is just self-destructive

Monday 04/01/2021 Christmas season

One of the endearing characteristics of Jesus is he never tries to persuade people to believe in him. ‘Come and see!’ Jesus tells us, an invitation he offers us at the beginning of every New Year. ‘Come and see how I am present, in your life, in the lives of others, in creation and the events that take place in your life.’

2nd Sunday of Christmas 03/01/2021

The Word used by John is not just a spoken expression, in Greek it is logos and in Hebrew dabar. It is creative, a doing and making word. It is the source of reason and wisdom in God and, when uttered, is the creative expression of his vision. At the Word of God creation sprang into being at the beginning of time. The WORD spoken over the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist. Jesus is the Word of God in the flesh who lives among us and within us.

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God 01/01/2021

As we give thanks and praise to God, we give thanks to Mary, the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus, for bringing Jesus to us and giving him to us as a light to guide us throughout the new year. With Mary by our side, we dedicate ourselves to God knowing that, like Jesus, we, too, are precious in the eyes of God

The seventh day in Christmas Octave 30/12/2020

Jesus was born among us to show just how precious we are to God and that God will provide us with all we need to help fulfil God ‘s plan. Living according to this plan will lead us to the fulfilment of our lives and enable us to inspire peace and joy among those around us. Born among us as a man but also a light, Jesus is our inspiration and motivation...

The sixth day in Christmas Octave 30/12/2020

One of the great gifts of Christmas is to be reminded how many riches and blessings God has bestowed upon us. St John tells us that God’s Word, Jesus, has made his home in us. While Luke indicates that, like Jesus, we, too, have been blessed with wisdom and we also live as God’s favoured ones. Blessings indeed! Most of all, however, we are dedicated to God – the highest of honours

The Holy Innocents martyrs

 The Holy Innocents can stand, therefore, for all those considered to be “unimportant” or “unnecessary” - child and adult alike. Those who can be sacrificed for some greater good because they “don’t really matter”; the eggs broken to make an omelette... or even broken to make nothing at all. There are plenty of them, one way or another. The feast of the Holy Innocents reminds us that in God’s eyes, no-one is unimportant, no-one is unnecessary, no-one “doesn’t really matter.”

The feast of Holy Family

When our lives are dedicated to God as Mary and Joseph did with Jesus, we too received a mission to be disciples of Good News and God also dedicated his Spirit to guide, help and support us with a love beyond all telling: proved by the birth of Jesus, the greatest gift of love...

Christmas Day reflection

All birth is blessed, sacred and a gift from God. This birth radiates love; the love of God, the love of the parents, and our love. And, as we reflect together soothed by our breathing, we breath out our love and breath in the love of Jesus along with the love of all those around us.

Advent - Year B 2020
Week 1

As we move through Advent, we learn that each day has something new to offer if we are awake to it. It helps prepare us to be awake for the birth of Christ, not just on Christmas day but every day. It makes Advent a journey to God with God, because Christ is born anew each day of our lives. Acrostics for HOPE suggest the following: Help One Person Everyday; Holding On, Praying Expectantly; Have Only Positive Expectations...

Week 2

We also have a deep inner yearning, a longing for something more for ourselves, from ourselves but also for God and from God. We are all created with an inner space which only God can fill, some call it the soul; in baptism we call it a temple - it is God’s space...

Week 3

The root of that joy is, of course, Jesus Christ. The Jesus we received in Baptism and took root in our lives, never leaves us. Joy is of the essence of God, and we are made in God’s image. Jesus comes to remind us of that Joy. Joy is stimulated in many ways, through affirmation, encouragement, valuing someone / or being valued, caring and being cared for, friendship given and received, even a hug...

Week 4

The O antiphon today is: O Key of David and sceptre of the House of Israel; you open and no one can shut; you shut and no one can open: Come and lead the prisoners from their prison, those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death. On lighting the fourth candle, the circle of light is complete. The final Candle is called the candle of LOVE. It heralds the love that will come to us in the form of the Christ child...