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The Assomptionist community of Bethnal Green is international and diverse. Living community life can indeed be challenging and yet enriching for one who opens oneself to others in the spirit of respect and fraternity. The Priory would like to provide a place where catholic young people have opportunities to share, to grow and enrich in faith, in action to build a Christian life with others as Our Father prayer and as well as our Assumptionist motto for the coming of God's Reign in us and around us. So that we can witness to our faith through lives of love, joy, generosity, service and a commitment to evangelisation.


The Priory is also a place for those who are looking to deepen their relationship with Christ, having the support from a discernment group and friendship with other young people who are also on the way to seek it.


Br. Joseph Cuong

Tell: 020 8980 1968


meeting program

The topic of this year 2021-2022 : “Being a missionary in the World today ”

The Kingdom of God is mentioned through the Old and New Testament of the Bible. What does it means to seek first the Kingdom of God; how to live and pray with the Kingdom of God in mind; and how to become a missionary for His Kingdom in our daily life in the World today. 


All students and young professionals who want to participate and share their experiences with us are welcome.

January 28th 2022:    “ May they all be one in us” Jn 17,21 -The Church and her mission (Week praying for the unity of the Church)

February 11th 2022:   Synodal Church: Communion-Participation-Mission          

March 11th 2022:  Christian vocation calling for cooperating with God’s Creation.

April 2nd 2022:  Lent Retreat at Kensington.

May 7th 2022:     Pilgrimage to Walsingham ( Train and walking - cycling)

        (Norwich to the Shrine 32,3 miles; Oak street Fakenham to the Shrine 5,5 miles)

June 12th 2022     Sunday Mass and Picnic

6h45 pm: Adoration

7h15 pm: Evening prayer

7h30 pm: Tea time

7h45 pm: Talk

8h45 pm: Finish with a short prayer. 

At parish hall ( Our Lady of the Assumption parish - Bethnal Green - E29PB)

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