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You have made us for your self o Lord,

and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.

- Saint Augustin -

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reflection's days

Assumption priory looks forward to welcoming you whether you wish to come for a day or to stay overnight for several days for the purpose of a retreat or reflection of your Christian way. You have the privilege of being in a religious community with daily prayer and spiritual accompany by an Assumptionist brother in a quiet community and a few minutes walking from Victoria Park - East of London. A wonderful chance to step out of the city but not to leave it.

assumption priory

        Community Assumptionist prayer time.


Monday to Friday:


                         07:30             Morning Prayer and Mass.

                                                 Breakfast (Ad hoc to finish by 10 am)

                         12:45              Prayer during the day.

                         13:00             Lunch

                         19:15              Evening Prayer          

                                                 Dinner (Ad hoc)

                                               *Except for Thursday:  Adoration at 18h45,    

                                                 Evening prayer, then dinner at 19h30,

                                                  followed by Night Prayer



                         09:00            Morning Prayer        

                         13:00             Lunch

                         17:30              Evening Prayer                                        




                         09:00            Morning Prayer                        

                         13:00             Lunch



             Church Our Lady of Assumption.


Monday to Friday:


                         12:15            Mass

                                            *Wednesday Adoration from 11:00 to 12:00



                         9:30               Mass

                         18:30             Mass


                         9:30               Mass.

                         11:30              Mass.

                         14:15              Chinese Mass.

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Fr. Justin KULALA

Br. Joseph Cuong

Tell: 020 8980 1968


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