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The Augustinians of the assumption
Province of Europe 

As a member of the Conference of Religious in England and Wales, the Assumptionists ( Augustinians of the Assumption - Province of Europe) are full participants in the policies accepted by the Conference.

The Assumptionists’ Safeguarding Policy and Procedures is thus based on the principles and guidelines set out in the National Safeguarding policy:

  • Respect for the innate dignity of every person is a fundamental principle.
    Integral to this is the recognition of the right of all children, which must be respected, protected, cared for and nurtured – a right rooted in the Gospel and Christian tradition as well as in international, domestic and canon law.

A detailed presentation of the policies of the Hierarchy (bishops) of England and Wales, to which the Assumptionists adhere, is to be found on the website of the Catholic Safeguarding Office (CSAS) ( 

The province will always liaise closely with statutory agencies to ensure that if a disclosure is made, procedures are in place that allow for transparent practices.

It is always possible to speak to a member of the provincial Safeguarding Commission or local Safeguarding representative in total confidence.


For further enquiries or concerns:

Fr Thomas O'BRIEN or Fr Justin KULALA 

Tel: 020 8980 1968


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