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 Assumptionists Volunteers

The Augustinians of the Assumption are involved across the world in many different apostolic ventures: any work which can advance the coming of the Kingdom is to be undertaken! This is the meaning of our Rule of Live which says « The apostolate of our Congregation places our communities at the heart of the Church’s mission: to gather all men into the people of God. Our motto: « Thy Kingdom Come » inspires us to work for the coming of Christ’s Reign in us and in the world. Just as the Father sent Him, so Christ sends us, with the promise of his Spirit, to serve our brothers by proclaiming the Gospel. » (RL 13)


We offer young adults an opportunity to share their gifts and skills in poor communities, especially with the young, alongside Assumptionists communities all around the world.

For more information:

Assumption Young Volunteers Programme.

The « Assumption Young Volunteers » programme is open to young men from 18 to 30 years of age.

We invite the volunteers to join us and to help us for a period of time in our work for the service of the Kingdom and of the Church. Tasks have been set up in France and abroad. During the time a volunteer is with us, he has a contract which is real but has no legal standing and gives no pension rights. It is not compatible with any paid activity.

1- Professional side

The work for each activity is set out in a Task list. Most of the jobs do not require any particular ability other than motivation and common sense. Each volunteer will be assigned a person whose job is: - to make sure of the direction and training at the start of the volunteer period, - to define the objectives and to check the necessary means are at hand to reach them, - to monitor the volunteer in the fulfilment of his work.


The duration of the involvement in the « Assumption Young Volunteers » programme is flexible: at least 4 months, it is normally proposed to last 12 months. In some cases, the initially fixed duration may be extended. There is no rigid starting day. Each volunteer starts the period at the most convenient time regarding civil and school year. The required mission in every job is fulfilled based on a forty hours week. Weekends are normally free. Two and a half days holiday are given for each month spent on the programme and which must be taken before the completion of the agreed length of the commitment to the « Assumption Young Volunteers » programme.

2- Spiritual side

The « Assumption Young Volunteers » programme intends to offer works for the coming of the Kingdom. The spiritual dimension is essential. We want the time the volunteer is spending in one of our tasks to help him to deepen his faith. We also want it to be strengthening at the human level.


As a consequence, to take part in the AYV programme it is also to accept: - the community life: besides the pastoral work, the volunteer lives in one of our communities. Therefore the volunteer takes part in the prayer life, the practical life and the relaxation of the community; - a guardian angel: we propose a member of the community will support the volunteer and assist him to draw the maximum benefit from the stresses and joys of the experience with us; - for the volunteers in France, Special times are foreseen when there will be the opportunity to share their experience with other volunteers for 1 or 2 weekends during the year, and take part in the retreat for the young people connected with the Assumption.

Image by Larm Rmah

3- Miscellaneous

         A contract fixing his work and life conditions is signed by the volunteer and one of the Assumptionists in charge of the programme before the start of the volunteer period.

Material aspects:

  •  The community takes care of accommodation, meals and laundering. The Assumption pays to the volunteer a monthly amount of 150 euros as being pocket money.

  •  For the stays of 12 months and longer, the Assumption will provide a round-trip ticket for the volunteer.

  •  Insurance and Social Security: as much as possible we wish the volunteer to be covered by himself. If he is not, solutions are looked at as the case may be.

Volunteering places:

  • Paris (France)

  • Madrid and Elche (Spain)

  • Bucarest and Margineni (Romania)

  • Jerusalem (Israel)

  • Vietnam

  • Togo

  • Philippines

  • Rome and Florence (Italy)

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