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The first trait of our character
as Augustinians of the Assumption.

          On what do we base the work of the Assumption? Our spiritual lives, our religious substance, our raison d'être as Augustinians of the Assumption lies in our motto: Adveniat regnum tuum. The coming of the reign of God in our souls, by the practice of Christian virtues and Evangelical counsels, in accordance with our mission; the coming of the reign of God in the world by fighting against Satan and conquering souls redeemed by our Lord but plunged into the darkness of error and Sin; what could be simpler! What more vulgar, if I may say so, than this form of the love of God! If, to this principle love, you add the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the Blessed Virgin, his mother, and the Church his spouse, you have the Spirit of the Assumption expressed in its most abbreviated form.


But, is there anything special or characteristic about this? Isn’t this what all true Christians must accept? Therefore what thoughts from among these fundamental ideas, can distinguish us from other religious families? Do not Religious and Christians repeat every day in the Sunday Prayer this cry that we want to make our cri de Coeur: Adveniat regnum tuum...

From "A vision of New Life Easter 2010" - Emmanuel d'Alzon
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