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24th Sunday

24th Sunday in Ordinary time, 11/9/2022 Lk 15, 1-32

It is no coincidence that Queen Elizabeth II died on the birthday of another Queen and Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Reflections on those who have died often teach us how much God has been present in them and how much they reflected the goodness, love and mercy of Jesus Christ. This is so true as we reflect on the life of Queen Elizabeth. She, among all the holy women who have died, also gives us a special and unique insight into the life and dedication of our other Queen and Mother, Mary.

Like Mary, Queen Elizabeth served this nation and the nations of peoples she loved with total selflessness and utter dedication, giving birth to Christ in our nation at every turning point, in times of happiness and joy as well as times of tragedy, sorrow and evil. Few can emulate her commitment to service given not out of a sense of duty but out of a deep love for us. Would that our political leaders could find it in themselves to serve us with this same love and the desire to create a nation to be a living breathing family that cares for everyone especially the least, the marginalised and the neglected - a nation Queen Elizabeth strived to create. May our grief, our deep sorrow and our tears be the seed-bed that grows a nation that Elizabeth wished us to be: united despite and even because of our differences; a nation that shows reverence, dignity and respect to all; a nation that works together to overcome difficulties, however great (like the ones we face today); a nation that rooted for and wanted the best for everyone without exception. In short, a nation of which Jesus Christ, himself, would be proud and in which Mary would truly rejoice!

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN aa


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