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27th Sunday

27th Sunday in Ordinary time, 2/10/2022, Lk 17, 5-10

Through Timothy Paul tells us that God’s gift was not a spirit of timidity, but the Spirit of power, and love, and self-control. Believing this and living this, however, can be very, very different. Like the apostles and disciples, we ask God to strengthen our faith so that we may live it more deeply, more fully. As always, the evils of war, especially in Ukraine, has had a disturbing effect on our lives. We could spend much time looking to blame others for this but, wherever the blame falls, we still have to face the situation we experience now. Faith calls us to be particularly aware of the most vulnerable in society, not focus on ourselves. Given the rising costs of utilities and food the number of vulnerable people is growing.

In reflecting on your faith, it is worth pondering: Do I really believe that God is for me? Take a deep breath and consider the ways God has been at work in your life. Place yourself in the company of the New Testament disciples. You, too, are a follower of Jesus. Whatever has happened to the disciples in Scripture is happening to you. You are being healed. Your eyes and ears are being opened. Your feet are being washed. Bread is being broken for you. The One on the cross is hanging there for you. It is fairly obvious that God is for you, and although it is likely you will, at times, encounter those who seem to be against you, simply focus on the truth that God is for you. Nothing can take God's love away from you. It is, however, essential that you practice believing this with courage and with love. So, why not start today?

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN aa


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