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32nd Sunday

Ordinary time 07/11/2021 Mk 12, 38-44

An obvious link between the first reading and the Gospel is a poor widow. What stands out is their outstanding generosity, both were willing to forego their lives because of their outstanding concern for others. In those days, poor widows were those who had not only lost their husbands but had no other family support. Is your faith strong enough to risk everything for others??

In God’s name, Elijah shows the widow of Zarephath the generosity of God. One hopes the widow in the Temple also experienced that generosity. If there is any doubt about God’s generosity, then Hebrews makes it clear that God’s generosity is boundless. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus won life for all. For all those who had lived and died before him and for all those who live and will live after him. Since life, our gifts, abilities and talents come to us from God, we have no reason not to use them all for the benefit and welfare of those around us.

The earth and the poor of the world are crying out for help with tears of anguish, weeping with suffering and with hopelessness ringing through their pain. We are the ones who have brought this upon them and, as the recent Cop26 has shown, their voices and cries go unheard, ignored by the world leaders who have the power to save both.

Since leaders have put money and business before people, we must work all the harder to live more simply, recycle and reuse; not waste any food ever. Reform, renewal and progress always begins with us, with ourselves.


When I was a young man, I wanted to change the world. I found it was difficult to change the world, so I tried to change my nation. When I found I couldn't change the nation, I began to focus on my town. I couldn't change the town and as an older man, I tried to change my family. Now, as an old man, I realize the only thing I can change is myself, and suddenly I realize that if long ago I had changed myself, I could have made an impact on my family. My family and I could have made an impact on our town. Their impact could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world. (Monk 1100 A.D.)

Margaret Thatcher walks out of a restaurant and sees a man with a sign "Falklands veteran, please give generously".

She hands him a 20-pound note. He gives her a big smile and says "Muchas Gracias Señora!".

by Fr. Thomas O'Brien a.a


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