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33rd Sunday

Ordinary time 14/11/2021 Mk 13, 24-32

Yesterday a small group of people started out on a missionary adventure. Some would call us a motley crew. Many more would have called us scatty and laughed at us. Why? Because we were on a mission to save the world. Even our plan was rather vague. Yet, even so, we were all fully committed. What were we doing? We were planting trees! The ground was difficult and hard to dig because it was thick clay. We persevered and managed to plant 23 trees and 6 bushes. Throughout the time the Holy Spirit was invoked many times.

The readings referring to the end times and death this weekend, when we celebrate those who gave their lives for our freedom in war, were present in our minds. We were fighting to save the planet for our children and our children’s children. We will return again and again to add more and more trees. In the process, we strengthened our relationship with each other but also with the earth, trees and bushes. For a short time, we were working with our environment, creating a sense of belonging and developing a warmth of being close for a short time. Doctors prescribe working with the environment, being directly in touch with nature, as a therapy for well-being, called ecotherapy. This is probably why so many enjoy and love gardening. It certainly produced a sense of goodness and well-being.

The synodal process also has much to offer. It, too, is an adventure and mission concerning our future. Being together, caring about each other and what we have to say about our faith and our Church will stimulate us. Listening to and being listened to and affirmed in the process will help strengthen the well-being of our faith. We will be encouraged and want to meet more often.

The tree planting is a way of discovering the voice of nature and its love for us. The synodal process is a way of discovering our voice as a family. In hearing and speaking with this voice we will realise that together we have so much to offer. Pope Francis and all our leaders want to hear that voice – your voice – realising the life-giving importance of what the lay-faithful have to offer. Just as the voice of nature calls us to life, the Church wants to hear you call it to life and experience your love for it.

Love is at the heart of all creation. It continues to unfold, drawing us ever more profoundly into the embrace of a generous God.

This love unbounded, deepens and develops over time.

It grows through seasons of darkness and light. Dr Antony Theodore.

A band of adventurers accept a quest, to slay the Orc King.

Before heading out to fight the Orc King, they head to town to hire a mercenary. The first one is a swordsman, who asks for 1000 gold coins to join them. The second is an archer, who wants 2000 gold coins for her services. The last one is a Spearman, who is willing to do it just for the experience...

That’s because the spearman is a FREELANCER!!

by Fr Thomas O'Brien a.a


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