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4th Sunday of Easter

4th Sunday of Easter 8/5/2022 Jn10, 27-30

Only a small reference about Jesus being the Good Shepherd but that is all we need. In Jesus’ Day the shepherd spent much of his time with his sheep so much so he could recognise them even if mixed up with other sheep. He protected them from wolves or any kind of aggressor, he cared for them and loved them. Similarly, it is no wonder that the sheep recognised his voice since this was the voice they heard most of the time.

One of the biggest challenges in our faith life is recognising the voice of Jesus among all the other voices we hear - which are many. We can hear Jesus’ voice in scripture, we can hear it in the homily, it could come to us through the singing or in the conversation with have with others over coffee or as we leave the Church. What is significant is the homily like scripture or singing are only some of the mediums that God uses and it is often not so much what is said but what is heard!

Being told of the refusal by the Jewish community in Antioch to accept the invitation of Faith in Jesus, we learn how God turns apparent failure into success and the Gospel is more readily and more joyfully brought to the Gentiles.

Ultimately, however, it is the Holy Spirit that helps us recognise the voice of God and the Holy Spirit never gives up on us even if we turn around and walk away. This continual invitation to follow Jesus is the sign of true love. Listen and hear God singing to you throughout the whole of your life. His song is truly uplifting and captivating; it reaches to the very depth of your soul.

We love you Jesus above all things; don’t ever stop singing your song of love to us!

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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