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Corpus Christi

Sunday in Ordinary time 06/06/2021 Mk14,12-16, 22-26

It is not for some arbitrary reason that we celebrate Corpus Christi only after living through the birth, life, death, resurrection, Pentecost and honouring God as Trinity. We need to live these experiences to better appreciate the importance of this feast. The common theme through all these experiences is life: the life of God, the life of Jesus, and our life. The commitment to God by the Hebrews with Moses was a life commitment, a commitment that gave them an identity as Israelites. Our commitment to Christ is also a life commitment to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - once baptised, always baptised. However much we may turn away from God, even deny God’s existence, the grace of baptism remains ever present in our lives. God’s commitment to us is not just a life commitment it is a commitment for ever.

Our relationship with God is best expressed in today’s feast. In the eucharist we renew our commitment to God and God renews his commitment to us through Jesus’ gift of himself in his body and blood. It reminds us that our relationship and commitment to God is both personal and communal. Jesus lived his active life in community from the beginning but took the time necessary to be alone in prayer. He did not spend his life among the Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees debating theology but lived and moved among the people engaging with them, experiencing their lives and the issues they faced first hand. He offered guidance, support and the reassurance of the love of God that inspired faith and loyalty and promoted hope. He spoke with love. Corpus Christi is our opportunity of truly celebrating that love with grateful thanks and praise.

Yea, beneath these signs are hidden glorious things to sight forbidden: look not on the outward sign. Wine is poured and Bread is broken, but in either sacred token Christ is here by power divine. (sequence)

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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