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Friday 02/07/2021

Ordinary time week 13, Mt 9, 9-13

One of the great qualities ofJesus was his ability to turn the negativity of others and the barriers and difficulties he faced into an important opportunity to help his followers. This is also an opportunity to recognise that we can do the same. The next time you encounter negativity, rejection or hurt, do the Jesus thing! Seek to offer a positive response.

Ask yourself what you have learned from the situation. What has it told you about yourself. It may help you treat and deal with others with more care and empathy. This year we have been challenged by many issues around difference – gender, colour, ethnicity, religion, culture. Rather than treat them and the people concerned as problems, treat them as opportunities of enrichment, of learning and of growth into fullness. The work in ecumenism has brought different Christian communities closer together. Interfaith dialogue is now doing the same thing. One of the key lessons is that we realise that it is often fear and ignorance that has kept us apart. We have subsequently discovered that our faiths share many similar beliefs and values. Our days are filled with opportunities. Don’t miss out!

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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