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Friday 16/7/2021

Ordinary time B, Week 15, Mt 12, 1-8

Holy Scripture celebrates the beauty of Mount Carmel, where the prophet Elijah defended Israel’s faith in the living God. In the 12th century some hermits took up residence on this mountain and eventually set up the Carmelite Order, which is dedicated to living a contemplative life under the patronage of the Holy Mother of God.

Elijah discovered that God was to be found in the gentle breeze – all around him. Mary pondered this question of God throughout her life, discovering that her picture of God like that of Elijah was continually being changed and enhanced. We can think of Jesus in the Gospel using scripture to prove scripture wrong when in fact he is challenging the accusers’ intentions towards his disciples and then showing that his intention was always to give life to people. This is precisely what Mary did in giving birth to Jesus. In contemplating who God is for me – for you - I (you) will discover how best to bring Jesus to others.

Dedication to Mary, our Mother. (Saint John Henry Newman)

Pray for us ever, Holy Mother of God.

Pray for us, whatever be our cross,

as we pass along our way.

Pray for us, and we shall rise again,

though we have fallen.

Pray for us when sorrow,

anxiety or sickness comes upon us.

Pray for us when we are prostrate

under the power of temptation.

Our guiding star (St. Bernard)

When the storm of temptation arises,

when you are amidst the reefs and shoals of tribulation,

fix your gaze on the Star of the Sea.

Call upon Mary.

Do the billows of anger, of avarice, of lust

batter against your soul – invoke her name.

In perils and sorrows and fears

fix your gaze on the Star of the Sea.

Call upon Mary.

Under her protection, you shall know no fear.

Under her guidance, you shall not falter.

Under her patronage, you shall reach your goal.

Fix your gaze on the Star of the Sea.

Call upon Mary.

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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