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Friday 28/05/2021

Ordinary time week 8, Mk 11,11-26

The gospel is filled with thoughts, questions and riches and enough material for a month of homilies. As we seek urgently to heal creation the withering of the fig tree leaves a nagging pain especially because Jesus came to heal and restore life to its original importance. Yet the withering of the fig tree reminds us of what we have done to the earth. The earth is often seen only in terms of what it can produce. Once its economic value expires, it is cast aside and withers, becoming a desert that is unable to bear fruit of any kind. However, the power beauty and strength of creation lies beneath its surface. There are many deserts throughout the world that after a rainfall spring to life with flowers, plants and grasses that are completely transformative. (Atacama desert, Chile; the Green Pool in Wadi Shab, Oman’; the Utah desert, etc.) We can think of the rain as the waters of baptism that open up within us the doors of life such that however dry, arid and fruitless our lives might become, the grace of God can bring them to life in an instant and set free our inner beauty and goodness that will inspire wonder and awe in those we encounter. Showing a genuine care and love for creation, which is waiting and yearning to be given the opportunity, will allow it to spring into life.

Creation Reflection

While I can know your power, wisdom, and goodness through creation, Father, it is only through your Word that I learn that you made all things from nothing. How amazing! You spoke and the world came to be. How simple yet powerful your word! As intriguing as the process of creation may be, please keep me from getting caught up in or bogged down by debates about what you have not clearly revealed. Help me to rest in what you have revealed, especially the truth that when you made the world, you made it good!

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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