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Monday 12/07/2021

Ordinary time, year B, week 15, Mt 10, 34-11,1

It is not always helpful to try to explain what Jesus said when he apparently contradicts himself. We do, however, need to be challenged by scripture. For all his insistence on turning the other cheek, forgiving enemies, Jesus is a realist. The early followers of Jesus were Jews who, becoming Christians, split with their families. They had to choose between putting Jesus before their traditional faith and their families. History has taught that working for peace or defending the faith can lead to imprisonment, torture and death. Conflicts and wars can only be resolved through forgiveness and reconciliation which can take years to be fully realised. Living the truth is not always easy. It can be extremely difficult, even seemingly impossible. Only faith in Jesus will help us survive. Recent extreme temperatures in America and Canada have reminded us of the consequences of abusing the planet’s resources. Whenever we make efforts to heal our errors, the earth has responded positively. It is the most forgiving friend we have. All the more reason, therefore, to work harder to heal the planet; be greener, live more simply, use less plastic, recycle, reuse.

Mother Earth- An abode of forgiveness (Adapted)

Heart racing for no reason; cannot handle the pace it pounded.

Fear is still a mystery for me.

Walked into nature to calm myself.

The mask I’m forced to wear hinders the ability to relax.

Nature gave me shelter without judgement.

In autumn, the path filled with ripened leaves felt like heaven.

The anxiety gradually settles down;

a breeze hit my face soothing my anxiety

I saw the beauty of love in nature;

therapy of nature a gift for all.

It cannot be replaced with anything artificial

Nature is love of now in which we can always take shelter

It brings calmness to our core.

Heart knows its home like a baby its mother.

Do not ignore or forget Climate Change.

Preserve nature the mother of all,

for our future, for love, for our children and society.

They need the shelter we enjoy now with negligence.

They will need to find their shelter,

to calm their nerves, to move forward,

to find their solutions, to help themselves,

to live a life they deserve, to find love when in need,

to find their existence within themselves.

This is our responsibility now!

Nature is begging yet forgiving.

Don’t be foolish or say it’s not real

Step up for nature, do your part with urgency?

Mother earth will do hers without judgement.

Our kids need a safe haven.

They deserve it just like we do.

Show love for our children, act now!

Respect Nature for our future.


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