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Monday 17/05/2021

Eastertide year B Jn 16, 29-33

Many scams on the internet offer something that is too good to be true and is. Adverts want to convince you that if you buy their product, you will be better off, a better person, even a wise person. Modern mobile phones contain a multitude of apps and possibilities, yet the majority of people only use about 30% of them. One of the truly great aspects of Jesus is that he made it very clear that in following him, in welcoming him into your life, your life would not be easy. He did say, however, that if we trust him, he will see us through any and every situation and that we would never be alone. What is often not said is that he has tremendous faith in us. We are very aware of our faults and failings, that we are far from perfect. But Jesus only sees the good that we do, the good that we can be and, most of all, a worthy and authentic witness of him. This is why Jesus promised to send the Spirit to his disciples.

Reading about Paul spreading the Gospel, we see how the Holy Spirit guided and protected him, and, if he suffered a great deal, he also experienced the great joy of seeing people welcoming Christ into their lives and being baptised with water and the Holy Spirit.

A prayer for creation

Creator God,

In bright light and dull darkness.

In the energy of each day and the rest that comes with night.

In the heavens high above our heads.

In waters that run deep around the world.

In solid land and flowing seas.

In vivid flowers and fruit laden-trees.

In the rising and setting of the sun and the cycles of the seasons.

In the patterns of the shining stars.

In oceans teeming with fish.

In skies filled with birds.

In a world filled with animal life and in ourselves as human beings.

We remember the goodness of God.

And God looked and saw all that he had made, and indeed it was very, very good.

In rest and reflection, in wonder and worship, we remember the goodness of God. Amen

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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