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The exaltation of the Holy Cross

Ordinary time 14/09/2021 year B, Jn 3,13-17

In the Exaltation of the Cross we rejoice that something so terrible should have been transformed into a means of redemption for all humanity. It also reminds us that Christianity is not just an abstract and spiritual religion. Christianity springs from God’s direct intervention in the world, a real historical event involving real people and a real execution on a real cross. We may theorise and theologise all we like but all our theorising and theologising are nothing without the history on which they are based.

Today we are called to pause, take a step back and reflect on the God who sent his Son, Jesus, to us; to speak to us of his love; to offer us guidance and wisdom. So, he healed the divide between us and God, and earned for us a full place in God’ family here on earth and hereafter. In every Eucharist we give thanks and praise to God for Jesus and what Jesus has done and is doing for us through his cross.

In the shadow of a doorway, I hung back behind the swarm, so scared by what had happened as I watched the mounting storm. Golgotha’s hill was covered with an angry ugly crowd. Some cursed and shouted “Crucify!” While others wailed out loud. The air seemed filled with demons; there was hatred everywhere. No one moved to stop the madness; they could only stand and stare. With the words that “It is finished” he expired with his last breath; and Satan was defeated at the moment of his death. As thunder roared and lightning struck, some graves were opened wide. The dead arose to witness that God’s only son had died The cross was rough and bloody when they slipped him from its hold;

and the crowd dispersed around them as the Saviour’s flesh grew cold. The relic shown with evidence what was won with his life lost, stands still today exalted in the Triumph of the Cross! Montana Lil

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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