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The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Ordinary time, year B, 08/09/2021 Mt 1, 18-23

Mary, the mother of Jesus, always gives us much for reflection. Her son, Jesus, called Emmanuel, is God-with-us. Mary continually reminds us that God is with us always and everywhere, and she teaches us how to respond to that presence to the benefit of everyone. Her birthday is shown to be part of God’s plan and so is our birthday. We have the privilege of being baptised and given a mission, like Mary, to give birth to Christ in the world by living in God’s way, the way of Jesus. Mary is on hand to help us do just that if we seek her help.

Our Founder Emmanuel d’Alzon writes:

Behold the wonderful provision of God's most loving care! A woman was the first to be seduced then, by an incomparable grace, a woman would be the first to be preserved of all stain. A woman would be raised to the unique privilege of sinless beauty… In Mary there is absolutely no sin, no stain, not even a shadow – all is beauty, all is perfection, all is light. And in this perfection, this beauty and this light, see her advance along with her Son... What makes her so beautiful is her humility, this humility which does away with pride, the source of all ugliness… Satan inherited terrible and everlasting torments as the inevitable consequence of his pride. Mary will inherit inexpressible and everlasting joy to crown her humility. Even here on earth all generations will proclaim her glory, bless her name and beg her intercession, for the Lord God has looked with favour upon her. Humility and purity: these two sister-virtues walk hand in hand.

Thank you, Mary, Mother of Jesus and our mother too.

A prayer for creation:

God our Father, you created the world and sent Jesus to live among us, made of the same stuff, breathing the same air, marvelling at sunrise and sunset just as we do. Help us to participate in the life around and within us as your life, as you living in us and we living in you and in each other. God of love and life, restore us to your peace, renew us through your power and teach us to love all that you have created and to care for the earth as your gift and our home.

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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