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Tuesday 13/07/2021

Ordinary time B, week 15, Mt 11 20-24

Although it appears that Jesus is castigating Charazin and Bethsaida, scripture scholars understand that Jesus is speaking out of deep sadness, even a broken heart. It shows the deep sensitivity of Jesus and his great desire to save people from self-harm and self-destruction. Despite all that Jesus has done to help them realise that his mission is to bring healing and wholeness, they fail to respond.

The same message echoes ever more loudly today. We have inflicted unceasing destruction on our planet despite all its beauty and wonder and the gifts and fruits it continually offers us. If we do not radically change the way we live, we will destroy creation completely and ourselves with it. Vicky Lynn Ring

I can cry a river of tears I can cry for the release of fears. I can pray a prayer every day I can pray for the world to change and can be saved. I can see that we all do care I can see mountains of trees that are becoming bare. I can hear about our ponds and lakes going dry and the oceans heating up with Global Warming despair. I can hear about the animals and people with diseases and no homes left - that's so unfair.

I can feel the sun getting hotter than ever as my brown skin starts to blister and peel. I can feel our earth rumble with volcanos, tornados and hurricanes and earthquakes. I can voice my concerns but there are so many more things that are at stake. I can voice my thoughts as I pray for God to help the Earth begin its healing. For this is our world;

we must live and work to heal it

before it's too late!!

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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