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Wednesday 07/07/2021

Ordinary time week 14, Mt 10, 1-7

The Joseph story like others in Genesis is a reflection on the story of Jesus. The one rejected becomes the saviour of all. The grain in the story was the source of life that everyone came to Joseph to receive. Jesus himself is the bread of life and we come to him to receive his life. The life Jesus gives us is for a purpose. It is to be shared and shared in such a way as to bring healing to the world. Note that the special friends of Jesus are called by name just as we are in baptism. They are sent out without fully understanding who Jesus was. They were fallible and prone to error but Jesus trusted them just as he trusts us to be instruments of his healing.

Our planet is now calling out for healing because it is in a state of crisis. We must act now to reverse the global rise in temperature if we are to survive.

Pope Francis: calls on governments to promote the care of nature, of this gift that we have received and that we need to protect, heal and guard. We must see that the environment is made cleaner, purer, and preserved. We must take care of nature so that it takes care of us. We are now more aware than ever that nature deserves to be protected, even if only because human interaction with God’s biodiversity must take place with utmost care and respect.

We must actively demonstrate our support for environmental protection and promote positive action in care for our common home. We are called to “Restore Our Earth” which we can best do working together instead of alone.” He believes there is still time to act even though it is difficult to stop the destruction of nature when it has been triggered. “We do not come out of a crisis in the same way: we come out better or worse. “This is the challenge, and if we do not come out better, we are on a path of self-destruction!


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