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St Mary Magdalene

Ordinary time B, week 16, 22/7/2021, Jn 20,1-2, 11-18

Having grown up in an Assumptionist parish dedicated to Mary Magdalen, she has always had a special place in my heart, my life, my faith. Many yearn for a love of Jesus like hers. Films and books have been written about her, wanting to make her into their image and should be sued for defamation of character. Mary Magdalen had / has a deference and gentleness of the highest quality. I see her kneeling at the foot of the cross, filled with grief and sadness but not forsaken. So strongly is she united in love to Jesus, it is impossible to think of her without thinking of Jesus. It makes perfect sense that Jesus gave her the message to give to the apostles of his rising from the dead. She was obviously an apostle like the twelve. She was a bearer of Good News. How many lives must she have changed in recounting all her experiences of Jesus to those she encountered? In reflecting on Mary Magdalen today, she represents the multitude of hidden, non-ordained preachers of the Good News, especially women, who spread the message of Jesus with deference and gentleness and with deep faith and love. They are the ones who keep the faith alive through persecution in the absence of ordained ministers. Thank you, Mary.

MARY OF MAGDALA (Mini John) adapted

Mary of Magdala, a disciple of Christ most celebrated,

and most ridiculed.

The Lord had both men and women followers.

An object of mudslinging from the first century

for being a woman disciple of Jesus.

The Lord loved her as He loves all, with the same, deep, divine love.

Mary recognised Him Divine

and responded with devotion.

She had met the One who salvaged her life;

she had found the One whom she could trust through all eternity.

If not so, why would she tread the trail of His throes,

all the way to the cross?

If not so, why would she mourn His ignoble death of scorn and scare?

If not so, why would she dare travel to the tomb on that third day?

If not so, why would she be elated to see the Lord risen?

If not so, why would she announce the tidings of His triumph?

If not so, why would she be His devout disciple after His departure?

Mary of Magdala loved and followed Jesus as her God Divine,

while He loved and gave Himself for her and FOR ALL…

by Fr Thomas O'BRIEN a.a


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